Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Octopus in Oklahoma ?

Our world is full of strange, sub-aquatic species, but few are more bizarre (or frightening,) than the phenomenon of the FRESHWATER OCTOPI. Perhaps the most intriguing branch of this fascinating - and often dangerous - sub-species, can be found in one of the most unlikely places... Oklahoma. Although numerous watering holes have been associated with this mystery, there are three bodies of water in particular, which have become synonymous with these creatures: Lake Thunderbird, Lake Oolagah, and Lake Tenkiller.

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Unlike its fellow freshwater fiend, the LUSCA (a tentacle ridden, shark-like beast, which is said to dwell in the blue holes of the Bahamas), this animal has not taken up residence not in some tropical paradise, but in the arid, flatlands of the south-central United States. Long feared by the Native American population of the region (who likened the animal to a leech), this creature has been described as being roughly the size of a horse, with small, beady eyes, multiple tentacles, and a leathery, reddish-brown epidermis. This is a description, which - some investigators have noticed - is not entirely unlike that of the African LAU.

Credited with being responsible for the notoriously high mortality rate for swimmers in this area, the Oklahoma Octopus is said to be a voracious predator, which is also believed to be violently territorial. These aggressive tendencies (as well as its apparent use of tentacles during attacks) have lead many investigators to link this animal with the creature that supposedly lurks in the depths of Wisconsin�s Devil's Lake.

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