Friday, January 16, 2009

Fouke Monster Legend

Half man, half beast, the Fouke monster has been stalking the Fouke, Arkansas area since the early 1970s. There were reported sightings as early as 1940s but the legend of the Fouke Monster proliferated in the 70s. People in this sleepy, peaceful area were terrorized by a large apelike creature. People who have seen the monster described the hominid-like creature to be completely covered with hair, weighing about 250-300 pounds and standing 7 to 8 feet tall. It has bright red eyes the size of a silver dollar.

The monster has a wide chest and a sloping shoulders and is often seen running with a galloping gait, in a slouched position with dangling arms very much like the arms of a big ape. People who had a close encounter with this monster reported that it has a very repulsive odor, easily compared to a spewing skunk and a wet dirty dog. The bone chilling roar is akin to a bellowing cow and a screaming panther.

The Fouke monster seems to be partial to animals. A Miller country farmer was stunned when he saw what remained of his pigpen. Pig carcasses were strewn around. The pigs were ripped open and one was found several yards away from the pen. Apparently the pig was dragged and later on abandoned when the Fouke monster had his fill.

In 1971, the monster made it to the headlines when it attacked the home of the Fords late one May night. Elizabeth reported that the monster which they thought to be a bear was shooed by her brother Don and her husband Bobby. The creature returned the following night and grabbed Bobby who was then standing on the porch and threw him to the ground. Bobby was later brought to the hospital with the scratches on his back as evidence of the encounter.

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The monster was spotted several times since then. It was seen by three people while crossing a highway and was sighted again on a dry creek bed. Footprints were seen and verified to be the same as the one first found. All foot prints have three toes.To this day, the Fouke monster still generates much attention. Tourists still come to Fouke to view the footprint cast, buy Fouke monster imprinted shirts and to stick their face in the hole of the monster silhouette and have their picture taken.

There is a website that describes the Fouke Monster and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail, this website is called: Unknown Creatures and it may be found at this url:

One month after the Ford sighting, Southern State College archaeologist Dr. Frank Schambach determined that "There is a 99 percent chance the tracks are a hoax."

According to Schambach, the tracks could not be from a species of ape, or ape man, as claimed by witnesses, because they were from a three-toed creature, whereas all primates and hominids (both modern and historical) have five toes. In addition to the number of toes, Dr. Schambach cited several other anomalies as part of his conclusion. He noted that the region had no history of primate activity, ruling out the possibility of the creature being the remnants of an indigenous species. He also argued that while all primates are diurnal, the Fouke Monster appeared to be nocturnal. A number of Dr. Schambach's critics say that he did not take into account inbreeding as a possibility for physical abnomalities, or the creatures nasty disposition. Three-toed footprints of possible sasquatch sightings have been found from Florida to Texas and Oklahoma. A number of face-to-face encounters have been reported, with most saying that the creature was not scared or shy, but instead somewhat aggressive. Schambach's critics also state that for he, or any other scientist, to simply disregard people's citings as "mass hysteria" or "mistaken identity", is both fool-hardy and disrespectful

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